His Story

Deep rooted in spirituality, truth and love, Ija pens his craft by acoustic guitar while using his voice to transport you. A natural performer, his artistic expression exudes positive energy through hopefulness and joy.

Ija’s background in Music Production, Songwriting and Dancing connects on a humanitarian level with cultural audiences around the world.

For the Apocalypse Project, Ija’s first studio effort was inspired by his first written song entitled “Apocalypse Century”. Based on the prophetic vision of John in the Book of Revelation, this title track is a powerful and melodic arrangement with a hard-hitting reggae beat. It awakens in us the reality of the suffering and tribulations of the world and evokes our faith to overcome these struggles. “Give Thanks and Praise” presents a modern day variation of ecclesiastical writings. The Night Life Dance Culture is embraced in “Midnight Madness”. “Cry Freedom” is an offering to Native Americans in recognition of their long struggle for freedom. “From Here to Zion” is a hopeful song looking forward to a brighter future in God’s new world. “She Wants to be Free” contributes essential elements to the album’s expression and reveals the yearning of the human heart. The existing cry for “Peace and Security” is depicted in this insightful song. “Babylon Stories” questions who will fulfill our need for leadership and change. “Remember The Good Times” rings out loud the complex emotions in relationships. The compelling pulse in “Believe” encourages us to throw out all negativity. “Moonlight Lady” is a multi-layered account about the struggle of the inner woman. “Good Friends”, featuring the artist Faro King, has universal appeal. Faro also appears on the album’s final track; an alternate version of “Moonlight Lady”.

Born Roger Robert Valdez in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. Ija has been blessed with a colorful cultural background that enriches his music. He carries within him the rhythm of the Caribbean, West Indian, African, Jamaica’s reggae and American pop music culture. A self-taught musician, he has broken the boundaries of musical excellence through his dedication for Perfection. Ija is a natural performer with a magnetic charisma, singing and flowing with his infectious dancing style, energizes the audience and illuminates the stage. Ija is currently based in South Florida, USA.

Today we are living amidst a spiritual revolution unlike any the world has ever seen. In such times, people strive for clarity in their lives as they seek a new direction. Ija has chosen to take up the musical rod and staff to lead the people into a new renaissance. He speaks to humanity in the universal language of music with a voice that is guided by a greater spirit. The time has come for his voice and message to be heard.