Ija – Peace and Security (Acoustic)

Featuring Chris Monteleone of SOSOS on lead guitar and melodies

Written by Ija

Justice for George

A George Floyd Tribute

Written by Ija and the People

Ija – Mr. Lonely (Tribute to Dad)

Written by Ija

Dedicated to my Loving Father who passed away recently Robert Clayton Valdez 6/7/1943 to 8/28/2019…I Love you Dad see you in Paradise…

Ija – Give Us Strength

Written by Ija

Ija – Fall of the Nations

Written by Ija

Ija – Midnight Madness

Written & Produced by Ija

Engineered by Michael Hugh Hoffman

Mangoes Tropical Café South Beach Miami FL.
Courtesy of the Owners, Management & DJ

Key West Fantasy Festival Trinidad Crew & Parade
Courtesy of Veronica Stafford, the Coconut Woman
Ricky Buer and the Break Awae Kru

San Carlos Historic Cuban Building, Duval Street, Key West FL.
Courtesy of Juan Ego

Mallory Square Key West Pirate: Jorge

Midnight Madness Dancers : Regina Rossi, Joshua Lamothe, Rafiki Michael, Bimika Salois, Grigol Kranz, and Philip Salois

Flamenco Guitar Performer: Chris Monteleone

Video Photography by Michael Hugh Hoffman, Miss Shelley, Noah Garbarino, Keith Martin Forman & Faro

Ija’s Midnight Madness Owl Leather Masks custom made by Caroline Guyer of Teonova Masks

Ija’s dark pants by Groovemanmusic.com, Footwear by Robert Graham

Dancers Masks by Beatnix Miami. Chris Monteleone mask by Teonova Masks

Thank you from deep in my heart to all those who helped to make this possible, Love Eternal…

Ija is currently working on video production for upcoming releases, stay tuned…